Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18: The Day I Didn't Use Facebook

Unposted 1/18 Status #1:

I'm re-reading < 3 Huckleberry Finn < 3 but having trouble pushing through the ending because Tom Sawyer is an insufferable jackass.

Unposted 1/18 Link: I would have posted link to the Bittman Twinkie piece, which I think is awesome because he blames the company for failing to observe and react to the changing marketplace and keep themselves profitable. It's an argument not made often enough. Who is to blame for the sinking of the American auto industry? The jackasses who kept cranking out the cars of the past instead of pursuing the cars of the future. Twinkie. Pontiac. Tomato. Potato.

Unposted 1/18 Status #2: 
Watched my kitty play with his mousy toy for half an hour thinking, aw isn't he the cutest? before I realized IT'S A REAL MOUSE.
Unposted 1/18 Status #2 Follow-Up:
1. Made Brian clean it up and throw it away.

2. Made Brian vacuum the entire room too.

3. Oh, Wally, thou murd'rous beast! Why, why, why?
4. Don't you dare lick me with that guilt-stained tongue, kitty. :-\

Unposted 1/18 Link: I would have posted this news story on Brian's wall (or "timeline" what-evs), because he's always concerned that the Alzheimer's that runs in his family will ruin the later years of his life. I like any discovery that puts more of our fate in our own hands. Also this seems to justify all the long walks through the snow we've been making lately.

Uposted 1/18 Status #3:
I have gear that effectively keeps every part of my body warm in a snow storm except for my cheeks, nose, and eyes. I think I have to start walking to work in a blast shield. 

Blast Shield Down.

And of course I would have posted this story, about the issue that has me, like so many people, not using Facebook for a day. Looks like the good guys are winning this one. Woohoo!

Now I'm going to publish this blog post, which will send it to Twitter, which will send it to Facebook, but that's not really posting on Facebook, at least not by the logic of the Shabbat Elevator, or some similar form of BS-logic, and by the way, that link to the Shabbat Elevator won't work until Wikipedia finishes its protest tomorrow, which somehow makes me feel even more justified in posting something that I know will eventually end up on Facebook before midnight. =D

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