Monday, March 14, 2011

White on Black

I wanted to print something white on black. Using a regular printer, the effect is achieved by blasting the page with black ink to make a fake background and letting the few spots that remain un-inked be the "white on" -- but that's not genuinely white-on-black in my opinion. It's also really expensive since it uses up a whole black ink cartridge at once. Anyway, I specifically wanted white print on real black paper. 

There are a few ways I could have gone about this, but I decided to use my manual typewriter and several sheets of "Ko-Rec-Type" (C) 1976. (I had to order these online from a "hard to find business supplies" store.) For those who don't remember these, they are flimsy plastic sheets with a layer of white-out stuff on one side. You slip them in your typewriter between the ribbon and the paper and when you press a key it covers your error with white-out stuff in the shape of the letter you hit.

I used this to tap out a 16 page mini-book, Book of Light, onto black construction paper. Photos follow.

As a sort of extra bonus, the used sheets of Ko-Rec-Type provide an "absence in white" collection of each individual word used in the book. I'm keeping these and will definitely do something with them.

The subject of Book of Light is dark, the death of a child, because that's where the white-on-black took me, at least for this first go around. But I'm planning on making several more white-on-black books, and I'm not limiting myself to death as a subject. Wherever it takes me I go. The book follows. Clicking on any image will enlarge it.

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